Seamlessly scaling cell & gene therapies

Ori Biotech


Ori Biotech is a leader in the Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) manufacturing technology based in London (UK) and New Jersey (US). They are developing a proprietary, bespoke and flexible manufacturing platform, to enable patient access to a new generation of personalized, life-saving treatments. By fully automating and standardizing CGT manufacturing in a closed platform, Ori Biotech offers seamless scaling from preclinical process development to commercial-scale manufacturing.

Ori Biotech’s experience

“We tried a couple of automated cell counters available on the market, but we were most impressed by the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ device for these key reasons:

  1. Impressive consistency and reproducibility when taking multiple cell counts from one sample.
  2. The software interface is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The NC-202™ is also significantly faster than other automated cell counters we tried.
  3. Working with immune cell samples, often in aggregate culture means we routinely see cell count inaccuracy or inconsistency. However, the NC-202™ can accurately identify cell count and viability without a need to manually break the aggregates prior to cell counting.”

User commentary

“After using the NC-202™ almost every day for the last six months, we still find it very easy to use and can confirm we made the right choice to select the NC-202™ as part of our research workflow. In addition, it is very easy to train new operators to use the NC-202™ cell counter which is so important with an ever-expanding lab team. So far, we’ve had no issue with the NC-202™ and no need to spend time in re-calibrating or re-adjusting anything about the device.”

Arman Amini, Head of Cell Processing, Ori Biotech

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